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Housing Assistance

The F.A.E.M. Housing Assistance Fund:

house-3362676_640Serves – residents of Franklin County in need of housing assistance for a Security Deposit, rent or back rent.
Provides – a grant of up to $200 per household to help pay for housing. Grant recipients are not eligible again for five years from the date of the initial grant. Grants are subject to the availability of funds.
Available – Year round

At the determination of WMCA, a Housing Assistance Fund (HAF) grant of up to $200 may be sent directly to the landlord on behalf of the applicant.  Recipients will not be eligible again for a HAF grant for another five years.  HAF is not a loan fund, so the grant does not need to be returned.  It does need to be applied to a rental unit located in Franklin County.  It must also be the final $200 needed to meet the required payment.  The name of the landlord, the address of the rental unit, and exact payee information must be provided to WMCA.

Call – Western Maine Community Action* at 860-4459, or email
*Checks are only issued to housing vendor.

The Housing Assistance Fund is a ministry of FAEM, in partnership with WMCA. The Housing Assistance Fund is usually able to help 8-10 families a year avoid homelessness.  It is funded entirely by donations from churches and individuals. 

To Give – Make checks payable to F.A.E.M., Memo: Housing Assistance, and mail to:
P.O. Box 188
West Farmington, ME 04992

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